Divas Media Group - February 3rd, 2020

Today (Monday, February 3rd, 2010) was the third week of the Diva's and U of T students program. The group enjoyed good healthy snacks and got working right away. As it has been said before, the group will focus on the topic of Faith, Religion and Spirituality. Their media projects will reflect on those topics and how they play a role in the community and individuals. To get some ideas for the project, there were two studies that were shown today:
  1. The Ground Zero Mosque situation
  2.  Religion and Cities and how it impacts members of the community
After that, everyone divided themselves into smaller groups and examined, discussed and presented either one of the case studies. Conversations also focused on personal views of religion, faith and what spirituality means to them. At the end everyone presented their ideas and some chose to open up about their own views of these topics, more specifically their experiences with religion and how other people's view of it has impacted them. 

Since the community of Regent Park is known to have a high population of multi religions, some in the group were able to relate to these stories and bring awareness to the issue of discrimination. The program ended in a general discussion bringing everyone closer and getting to know each other more. Today was a very informative session and many left with the awareness of how religion affects their daily life and how the community sees the need to increase more awareness. Next week, they will be working more on their media projects ad building ideas for what they want to do regarding these topics. 


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