Catch da Flava - February 11, 2020

On today's Catch da Flava radio show for Tuesday, February 11, 2020, we focused on the topic of Legendary and Iconic Black Figures and Learning Disabilities. Our hosts were Jamelia and Thalia with co-hosts Fazra, and Shajuanah.

The young ladies exchanged a series of questions and facts about the two topics. They highlighted the major difference between icons and legends, which is that icons are still alive while legends have already died. Throughout the radio show they also made known the various learning disabilities there were in the school system. They had a very fun and informative program while gaining more knowledge about various aspects of black history and the people who are highly remembered throughout various parts of black history.

Our hosts really learned a lot and we hope our listeners did the same.

The radio show was a blast and you wouldn't want to miss the next one.

Submitted by David Cavalier


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