Little Divas Girls Group - January 31, 2020

Little Divas Girls Group

January 31, 2020

The Little Divas Girls Group met on Friday, January 31, 2020, for the first time this year. Four young girls attended and the meeting was facilitated by Twoey Gray, Loretta Bailey and Laura Polisuk. We all discussed several topics that were highlighted in the year 2019. We discussed Feminism during the meeting and have the girls explain what Feminism is.    We then played several games to get the momentum going and also to get the girls familiar with Laura and Loretta. The girls were asked to name some activities they would like to see happen during the weekly meetings. We all participated in the final activity which is "the masks we wear". We shared a moment when we wore a mask and when we actually took off the mask. The girls found this activity very interesting and useful because they were given the chance to speak about different occasions when they wore a mask and were able to differentiate between doing what is good and knowing what is bad. 
By: Loretta Bailey


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