Catch da Flava - #LetsStopAIDS

For the first show of the 2020 year, the Catch Da Flava team took on the topic of HIV and its awareness among youth.  Our guest on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, was Shamin Mohamed Jr, the founder of LetsStopAIDs, a youth-driven organization devoted to HIV prevention and exchange. Later Shamin was joined over the telephone by a staff member of LetsStopAIDS.

Hosted by Catch da Flava's Fazra, Shejuanah and Thalia the show featured a lively discussion about HIV. We talked about the need to start an organization devoted to HIV, the appropriateness of HIV education to elementary and high school-aged youth, misconceptions on who and how you can get HIV, the importance of regular STD medical check-ups for sexually involved youth, HIV symptoms, the problems with promoting abstinence-only as a form of prevention education, HIV partners, stigma of living with HIV and much more. 

Special thanks to Dawit Tibebu for producing the show and identifying the guests.

To listen to this engaging show  click on this link

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To learn more about LetsStopAIDS check out their website:


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