Catch da Flava - Discussing Mental Helath and Peacebuilders

On today's Catch da Flava radio show for Tuesday, January 14, 2020, we focused on two separate but intertwined issues. They were youth mental health and the youth justice system. Our hosts were Shajuanah and Jamelia with co-hosts Kaila, Thalia, and Fazra.

Our guests for the mental health segment was Michelle Cauch, a Student Success Advisor at Centennial College and Michelle Galeotalanza, a mental health professional and professor at Centennial College. They discussed what is mental health, why is youth mental health important, why is youth mental health different from the other age groups, what are the major youth mental health issues, where should the youth get help, how can they seek trusting professionals to speak to on issues of mental health? These were just a few of the many interesting topics and questions we discussed.

Our guest for the next segment was Rachelle Bloomfield, a staff, leader, and counselor at Peacebuilders. Peacebuilders is a nonprofit organization that provides restorative programs and services to young people and works towards effecting change in our justice and education systems. We discussed how the school system handled conflicts and conflict resolutions, suspensions and warnings for conflicts, resilience, and making yourself a better person.

Our hosts really learned a lot and we hope our listeners did the same.

The radio show was a blast and you wouldn't want to miss the next one.

Listen to Podcast:

Submitted by David Cavali


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