Catch da Flava - Climate Change

On today's Catch da Flava show Tuesday, January 21, 2020, we explored the topic of Climate Change with our hosts Shajuanah and Jamelia and co-hosts Kaila, Thalia, and Fazra.

A variety of questions were explored under this topic as the young ladies shared interest, knowledge, and a few laughs.

Questions such as: what is climate change? What is global warming? How has the climate changed in the past? And what is the difference between climate change and global warming were tackled. But in reality, can we really do something about Climate Change? The hosts assured the listeners that we could and the answers were that you could reduce your own carbon footprint in lots of simple ways, and most of them will save you money. You could plug leaks in your home insulation to save power, install a smart thermostat, switch to more efficient light bulbs, turn off the lights in the room(s) where you are not using them, drive fewer miles by consolidating trips or take public transit, waste less food and eat less meat, among many other ways.

We all learned a lot today and hope our listeners learned something too.

The radio show was a blast and you wouldn't want to miss the next one. See you next time on Catch da Flava.

By: David Cavalier


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