Regent Park blog Mid Oct-Mid Ovember

Since October we’ve been in the middle of another semester of the music recording program. Back again with Logic Pro X. This year started with three fresh faces, and a fourth joining in the middle of November.
The three that started with us this year were all at different points in their musical growth and highlighted the different parts of the program.

The student who was the furthest along and had the most extensive musical background was there to finish projects. She had a catalog of beats that she had been working on and began coming to the program as she was preparing to embark on the final stage of her creative process: mixing and mastering. After doing a couple sessions of tweaks, she is preparing a list of songs she wants to begin mixing that will begin in the new year.

The second student who joined had some musical background. He had been writing songs for a little over a year, and already had some in-studio experience, doing some recording. He came to the program to continue working on his songs and to begin learning how to use Logic Pro so that he can record himself and won’t have to rely on others to facilitate his creativity.

The final student to join at the beginning was also the youngest. He came to the program with virtually no musical background and no understanding of how to operate Logic Pro. However, he comes with unbridled enthusiasm for music. In addition to learning how to operate the program, it’s important for him to learn some musical theory and also songwriting techniques. Basic fundamentals like knowing what the BPM (beats per minute) of your song is are crucial when it comes to recording your music.

All three have been very consistent in their attendance for the most part, and are really beginning to explore Logic Pro and figure out how it best suits their need.


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