November 8th, the Diva Girls Program

On Friday, November 8th, the Diva Girls Program met at Focus Media Arts Centre to discuss
“Women in Media”. We watched a documentary from 2011 called “Miss Representation”. The
film outlines the struggles that women face every day, specifically how mainstream media
contributes to the underrepresentation of women in powerful positions by limiting those
portrayals. The girls were encouraged to ask questions throughout the film and compare the
struggles the women faced in the film, to a struggle they face as young women in their day to
day lives.

Many of the Diva’s brought up the fact that the documentary was filmed in 2011 and that a lot
of those struggles depicted in the film are no longer problems to women in 2019. They
engaged in an important discussion about women being portrayed in the media and how they
have seen it improve since the documentaries premiere date.

Next week we will discuss the film in more detail and answer the questions that arose while
watching it. We will analyze the social justice issues women struggle with and what factors
contribute to it, like patriarchy, racism, capitalism, and neoliberalism. The Diva’s will leave with a
better understanding of why this happens in the media and will be aware of the negative
impacts media has on young women.


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