Powerful By Nature - Take Back the Night & Reporting Sexual Assault

Date:  September 9th, 2019
Hosts:  Chantal & Rhiannon
Guests: Deb, Counselor at Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

Topic: Take Back the Night & Reporting Sexual Assault*

*Trigger Warning for Discussions of Sexual Assault & Suicidal Thoughts

In the latest episode of Powerful by Nature, your hosts talk about the fight to end sexual violence and violence against women, with a focus on the Take Back the Night movement, and talk about what surviving sexual violence can look like.

We talk about where you can get support in Toronto if you have experienced sexual violence and take you step by step through the reporting process. We talk to a survivor about her personal experience surviving and anonymously reporting a sexual assault and then interview Deb, a Counsellor at Toronto Rape Crisis Centre about their crucial services and why Take Back the Night remains a critical feminist movement. 
We want every survivor who listens to this show to know that we believe you and that healing looks different for everyone. Remember, that what happened to you was not your fault. You do not have an obligation to report to or tell anyone about your experience.
You can anonymously contact your local Rape Crisis / Sexual Assault Centre for support. For example, the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre has a free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week crisis line and support service that is private and confidential. You can call it at 416-597-8808. They don’t call the police, hospitals or anyone else until you ask them too.

To learn more about Jessie’s Centre and/or the Community Education Program, please visit: www.jessiescentre.org. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PowerfulXNature

TRCC/MWAR is a grassroots, women and non-binary run collective working towards a violence-free world by providing anti-oppressive, feminist peer support to survivors of sexual violence through support, education and activism like a 24 hour crisis line, counselling and support groups. Visit their website: https://trccmwar.ca/our-services/

If you’re in Toronto, join Take Back The Night 2019!!  This year the theme is Activism & Resiliency.  Join us on Friday, September 27th from 5pm at Scadding Court Community Centre


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