Catch da Flava - SE Health, Job Hunting and Ergonomics

The last week of July had been a busy week for us with filming sessions and important guest speakers. Monday, July 29th had Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen discussing the future plans for the Neighbourhood Community Officer Program. The meeting took place at the Regent Park Community Centre with an amazing turnout from residents. The new program will be rolled out in September to 35 communities, including Regent Park. Our team filmed the meeting and interviewed a few guests to get their opinions about the expanded program.

Wednesday had our usual Catch da Flava radio show, with our specialist being Mary Wu from SE Health to discuss tips for Job Hunting and Ergonomics. But beforehand we had a special guest speaker. Nigel H. from Etalk came to talk to us about his career in the industry, and even his own time in Regent Park Focus. Nigel gave great advice about how to get an internship and shared his tips on how to make a lasting impression that will open more doors (you should have a good attitude to start).

You can listen to the podcast here:

As the week wound down, the hustle did not stop as we are busy preparing for our radio show and interviews for next week. Our Criminal Harassment video is in full swing and we are in work mode.


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