Summer Radio - Physical and Psychological Effects of Mental Health

This week, our third working in Regent Park Focus this summer, we broadcast our first radio show. It was an episode of Catch da Flava, one of the most traditional and long-going shows at Radio Regent.

We went live on Wednesday, July 10, at 11 am, for an hour-long show. The topic this week was Mental Health -  the physical and psychological effect of mental health problems, the broad scale of mental health, what to watch for and where to find help.

To discuss all that, we had two guest interviews. In the first half, we talked with two undergraduate students, Christine Nastor and Diana DeLeon, about their struggles with mental health, especially in high school.

After that, we interviewed Mike Stroh, founder of Starts With Me, a company that offers services for promoting mental health at schools and workplaces along with empowering families and individuals to increase their capacity for well-being. Mike answered our questions around the subject, talking about what are the most common mental health problems, their symptoms, their triggers and how they can be treated. We also had an insightful conversation regarding the social stigma of mental illness and how people struggling can get help.

Listen to Podcast:

Production Credits:

Production: Vanessa Wu, Iman


and André Heneine

Host: Vanessa Wu, Iman
Rajabi and André Heneine
Tech: Iman Rajabi and André Heneine


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