Powerful by Nature: Sex Work is Work

Date:  July 22rd, 2019
Hosts:  Kai & Chantal
Guests: @Exotic.Cancer, Shorty & More
Topic: Sex work is Work 

Sex work is simultaneously one of the world’s oldest and most criminalized and stigmatized professions. In the latest episode of Powerful by Nature, your hosts openly explore the realities of sex work and stripping today through a roundtable discussion and interviews with a variety of different women who work or have worked as strippers.

We talk why stripping and sex work are often the best option for work for people living in poverty, facing discrimination and violence and living in places without affordable housing or a minimum wage that's anywhere near a living wage. We talk about the importance of respecting the bodily autonomy of people who work in the industry and explore the violence and entitlement of many men who pay for the services of sex workers and strippers. We explore anti-black racism and other forms of discrimination that operate within the industry and talk about how those who don’t work in the industry can advocate for sex workers.

Listen here: https://www.regentparkfocus.com/radio/media/jessies/2019-07-22.mp3

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