Criminal Harassment and Abortion and Ergonomics Projects

Group: # 1

This week our group not only broadcast our second radio show “Catch da Flava” but also did a
lot of activities related to the next weeks’ radio shows and to the short documentary on Criminal
Harassment that we are producing.

On Monday we went to the streets to ask Regent Park streeters’ opinion about the changes that
Ontario province is making for the accessibility of alcohol beverages and retail and convenience
stores and its consumption in public areas. The next day we edited their answers into two audio
clips that were played on our radio show on Wednesday.

Throughout the week we also edited footage of the testimonials from criminal harassment
victims for the short documentary that we are making. We also reached out to experts on the
subject, police officers and lawyers as potential interviewees for this project. We plan to film our
first interview next week.

Meanwhile, we researched and gathered the information that will guide our scripts for our radio
shows for the next two weeks. The topics are going to be Abortion and Ergonomics,

Name : André Heneine
Date: July 19, 2019


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