Catch da Flava - Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

Catch da Flava’s topic for our third week was abortion, from how to get an abortion in Canada, the Unplanned pro-life film, and people’s personal opinions about pro-life and pro-choice. The hosting was done by André and Iman since I lost my voice, but I was still there listening to the conversation.

Our 11 am to 12 pm timeslot was slightly hijacked in the beginning by our guest Minerva Navasca, who wished a very happy 19th birthday to our other guest Lorena Florea. Happy birthday Lorena, you’re finally 19!

After we got the show back on track Minerva and Lorena gave their opinions about being pro-choice, and how the pro-life side is adapting to the times. We also discussed the Unplanned movie, an adaptation about Abby Johnson’s switch from pro-choice to pro-life.

After Lorena and Minerva, we had Carolyn Egan from Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada to answer some questions about the current abortion system in Canada and what their organization is doing to help women. Carolyn also gave her opinions about the movie Unplanned. Carolyn especially highlighted how even though Canada has one of the best abortion systems in the world, it still has its struggles for the women in our country.

Listen to Podcast:

Production: Vanessa Wu, André Heneine

Host: André Heneine, Iman Rajabi

Tech: Iman Rajabi and André Heneine

By: Vanessa Wu

Date: July 24, 2019


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