Little Divas' Blog Post - May 9th (Message to My Future Self)

This session the girls worked on creating letters they would write to their future selves. This got them really thinking about their future and what they would like to do. 
This somewhat stressed the girls out because they suddenly felt pressured to have their life and future figured out. After some discussion, they felt much more comfortable leaving things unplanned and many stuck to little life lessons they wanted to state. Something the girls each agreed with was that no matter what, they needed to stick together. 

The purpose of this activity was for the girls to find values and characteristics of themselves that they would like to keep with them even when they got older. Many talked about positivity and bouncing back from negativity. 

While writing this and brainstorming the girls also found a way to pass time by doing riddles, they seemed to know a lot and had a few laughs trying to solve them together. 

The girls also mentioned taking a video of these messages so they could put it in a USB and add it to their time capsule, though there may not be time to film everyone this is an interesting idea that will be experimented with in the coming sessions.


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