Music Production - March 14th

    Today was the first day I had the pleasure of working with The Diva Girls. Up until this week students had been coming in and working on their own projects but the girls had something else in mind. They wanted to prepare two songs for a showcase they were putting on. After spending some time showing them the ins and outs of Logic, and the capabilities it has as a recording program, they informed me they had chosen to record "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys.
    Right off the bat I was impressed at how self confident these young women were. For students who had never recorded professionally or spent any substantial amount of time in a recording studio they were undaunted by the task at hand. Rather they approached recording vocals with such joy and enthusiasm, laughing during takes, and encouraging one another to do more, and push themselves further. They took turns singing choruses and verses, carefully practicing their parts to themselves before it was their turn to step up to the microphone.
    I was even more impressed when they informed me that they were currently in the midst of observing Ramadan and so were all fasting as a result. That means in addition to being new to recording, they were also doing it while fasting, which can zap your energy. Quite the feat. I was completely unaware of this, and so while I was there to help them record and teach them about what it means to record music, they actually taught me about their religion and who they are as individuals. I am very thankful for that.

By John


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