Little Divas' Blog Post - April 25th (Magazine Writing)

This session the girls worked on creating magazines. 
They picked topics and created a cover and began writing articles for it. Some topics picked included: Anti-bullying, fashion, feminism, and more!

The purpose of this project was to see how much they already knew about issues and what they wanted to continue working on and talking about.  It also helped to get a glimpse of the girls' interests. They were offered many different things to complete the project, these being pencil crayons, markers, magazines, paint, etc.

 When asked why they picked what they did, many mentioned how their topic impacts them.
 For example, one of the girls talked about bullying, stating that she would like to educate people on things to do if they feel like they're being bullied. One of the other girls picked the topic of Feminism, she talked about how important feminism is and why it can help many people around the world. 
The girls also mentioned being able to type up what they need to on the computer to create a digital copy that can be distributed. 

Amna Quaid Azam


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