Diva Girls' Blog Post - April 26th & 29th (Music Production Continued)

This session the Divas continued working on their music with the help of Glama. The girls divided themselves unto groups, 2 decided to do music production while the other girls decided they would like to create videos.

After some contemplating the girls decided they would like to change the song they were going to sing. They had 3 songs in mind and ended up choosing "Girl On Fire" by Alicia Keys, due to the very empowering lyrics.

The girls got through most of the song but will continue the rest next week. The other group of girls decided they would create their own song which they will record on the 29th.

The Divas who were working on the video were having a harder time on discovering what they wanted to film, after some talking they decided they would be making instructional videos, some examples being: hijab tutorials, clothing hacks, dances, etc. 

The session on the 29th was done with the assistance of John, he talked to the girls about creating audio and helped lead them into creating different typed of audio that portrayed different moods.

These will be part of the exhibit on May 17th, 2019.
Amna Quaid Azam


Unknown said…
Hi. Are you The Diva Girls from F.A.M.E. when Christine Cooper was E.D. for years?

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