Diva Girls' Blog Post - April 15th & 22nd (Brain Storming + Music Production)

This session was used to brainstorm future project ideas.
The girls talked about projects they would like to work on, this being podcasts and videos while also taking the radio into consideration. The girls then worked on creating a playlist they would like to play in the background during the showcase, some even asked if they would be allowed to film their own music video/record something.

Some ideas they had for podcasts revolved around mental health, gender-based discrimination, Islamophobia, the media and its impacts, and identity.

The following week (April 22nd) the girls worked on creating their own music with the help of John, the music producer at Focus.
Working with logic they not only made their own beat, but some of them also sang some covers of songs they picked.

These will be on display during the showcase.

Amna Quaid Azam 


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