Timeless Generation Podcast Special: Interview with SPRINT Senior Care

For the fourth issue of “The Timeless Generation’s” special podcast on Senior issues, Jenna and Jessica visited SPRINT’s head office (also known as Senior Peoples’ Resources in North Toronto and located at 140 Merton Street), to speak with Samuel Leite, Director of Community Care, about SPRINT’s programming and work that they do.
If you do not have time to have a listen, but are still interested to hear more about SPRINT, please read the summary below:
SPRINT Senior’s Care, also known as Senior Peoples’ Resources in North Toronto, was established in 1983. They are an organization that provides low cost services to seniors. Their primary goal is to keep seniors in their home for as long as possible.
Some of SPRINT’s programing includes: adult day programs; community wellness programs; visiting doctors and supportive housing. SPRINT strives to build a positive foundation out of which seniors can thrive. They aim to make it easier for the future generations to come, in addition to those who currently need and utilize these services. As an example, Samuel talks about how losing memory is an ongoing challenge that seniors face, an issue that SPRINT’s adult day programs, preventative care, exercise care, and house call services are ready to assist with.
There are many opportunities for people to volunteer and to become a part of the SPRINT team. SPRINT has had many volunteers offering their services for up to 5-10 years, assisting with implementing these programs to the community. There are also, of course, many services available immediately to seniors that are currently seeking support. All of these services are inclusive are available to specific communities (i.e. LGBTQ+ seniors) as well.
To learn more about SPRINT, please visit their website here: https://sprintseniorcare.org/
Once again, the link to the entire episode can be found here: https://www.regentparkfocus.com/radio/media/timelessgen/more/SPRINT_2019-04-16.mp3


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