News & Views blog Apr 12

News & Views blog Apr 12

This week on Radio Regent News & Views, we will be exploring the following stories:

1. Wayne Greenway will continue his series of interviews with experts challenging the statements of Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government. This week his guest will be Annie Kidder, Executive Director of People for Education. He'll ask her about the recent claims from the Ministry of Education.

2. On April 11, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was removed from office by the military amidst ongoing protests, after having held office for almost 30 years. This past weekend, News and Views field reporter Dawit Tibebu attended a rally at Queen's Park in support of Sudan. We'll hear his interviews with three rally attendees.

3. Theo Nazary will join David Wall at Radio Regent to discuss the news of the week, including the new budget presented by Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative government and the recent elections in Alberta.

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