Powerful by Nature - Celebrating Local Art

Date:  April 8th, 2019

Hosts:  Shuhita

Guests:  Alexia Schell, Volunteer Coordinator at Jessie’s, Melissa Falconer, Artist & Rose Gutierrez, the Program Director at SKETCH

Topic:  Celebrating Local Art

This show, we decided to celebrate local art that moves us and speaks to issues that matter to us and our communities. We began by interviewing Rose from SKETCH about their work. SKETCH is a community arts organization that offers an inspiring vision of what art should do and makes art accessible to people living on the margins. SKETCH engages diverse young people, ages 16-29, from across Canada, who live in homelessness or on the margins and navigate poverty to: experience the transformative power of the arts, build leadership and self-sufficiency in the arts and to cultivate social and environmental change through the arts

During the second half of the show we interviewed Melissa Falconer about her journey as an artist. M. Falconer is a self-taught visual artist based in Toronto who has been painting for four years. Her art is inspired by Black culture and Pop Culture, celebrates Blackness and fosters a sense of self-love, identity and self-expression.
Make sure to listen to this very important episode!

To learn more about Jessie’s Centre and/or the Community Education Program, please visit: www.jessiescentre.org.

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To learn more about SKETCH visit their website: https://www.sketch.ca/
Find M. Falconer on Instagram @melissafalconer or at https://www.mfalconer.com/


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