Catch Da Flava Talks About Feminism and Women’s Sexual Health!

Catch Da Flava had their first show of the new year on January 15th 2019! Our hosts Shejuanah, Thalia, Jessica and Meredith held a captivating discussion on women’s sexual health.

Our hosts began by defining the concept of feminism as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of sexes,” and went on to discuss their own experiences with women’s sexual health related topics like birth control, PMS, consent, and the current sexual education curriculum in secondary schools.

Throughout the discussion it became apparent that our hosts had varying experiences when it came to the PMS symptoms they felt, the kind of sexual education they received, and even the attitudes they were accustomed to around the subject matter.

What was unanimous however, was their belief in the importance of normalizing women’s sexual health topics through discussion and education, with a particular emphasis on the importance of consent. Moreover they shared their hope in the possibility that male birth control alternatives will be established in the near future, along with a more progressive update of Doug Ford’s current sex-ed curriculum.


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