RPTV - POLITALKS – Suze Morrison Blog Post

Jenna Borisevich
January 14, 2019

POLITALKS – Suze Morrison Blog Post

In this new segment of Politalks, Jason Clarke welcomed Suze Morrison back into the studio for another interview at Regent Park Focus Media Arts Centre.

Suze Morrison is currently a member of the Ontario New Democratic Party, representing the riding of the Toronto Centre. Having now worked in office for several months, Suze was able to provide us with a lowdown of her experiences since being elected as well the ongoing challenges she is attempting to confront.

Listen to the full interview to hear about Suze speak about her greatest priorities for the Regent Park community, her take on carding, her opinions on intersectional feminism, women in politics and Ford’s decision to cut finding to the College of Midwives of Ontario, as well as some tips around self-care during this politically trying time.

Please click on the following link to view the interview: LINK HERE ONCE AVAILABLE

For more information on Suze Morrison, please visit: suzemorrison.ontariondp.ca


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