Powerful By Nature - Ford Government Recent Changes to OSAP & Student Fees

Date:  January 28, 2019
Hosts:  Rhiannon
Guests:  Rachele, OPIRG Toronto
Topic:  Ford Government Recent Changes to OSAP & Student Fees
Recently, the Ford government announced major policy changes to OSAP and student tuition

One major change was the elimination of “free tuition”. Previously, low income students could
qualify for grants large enough to most of their tuition. Now, a portion of those grants will be
converted to loans. Furthermore, it was announced that OSAP is removing the no interest six-
month grace period for students. This means that OSAP loans will start accumulating interest
immediately upon graduation. These and other changes have been met with resistance. On
Friday January 25, hundreds of students took to the Ontario Legislature to call on Doug Ford to
scrap his recent announcements and support ‘free tuition’ for all.

We discussed these changes and the student protests with a student group at the forefront of
the resistance: OPRIG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) Toronto.

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