Diva Girls' Blog Post - January 25th (Artist)

This session the girls worked with the eco-artist to create an art piece using things that can mostly be found in the community. They were each given a tile and multiple items to use with it, these items being things like coloured sand, burlap sheets, cloth, yarn, sticks and more.

Before working on the pieces, the girls were asked to visualize what they want to do in their heads, this can prevent mistakes from happening.

This activity was done to show girls the multiple uses for items that would have normally been thrown out. Our hope with this session is for the girls to think differently about discarding items that could be of use if revamped/recycled.                      

Although only some of the girls finished their pieces, the others are aiming to finish during the next session or whenever they have the time to do so in between.  

Below are pictures of the girls' creations, they will continue on February 8th.


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