Diva Girls' Blog Post - January 17th (Introduction of Monday classes with UofT students)

Regent Park Focus is partnering with the Youth, Arts, and Engagement Program at the University of Toronto to produce a media product that is based on the community. This is an introduction class formed to inform the girls on what the program is going to be about.

This session the girls met with a professor from UofT named Aditi. Aditi is in charge of the Youth, Arts, and Engagement in Cities program and will be working with the girls this coming year to create a media piece about the community and issues it faces.

When the girls first arrived, Aditi introduced herself and the program. She then asked the girls to come up with some questions they have about the community. Many of the questions the girls came up with had to do with the 'Revitalisation Plan' that was brought forth by Toronto community housing and questions on how to bring the old and new members of the community together.

The girls then played a game where they could only ask questions about a certain topic that were not a repeat of previous questions. The topic was Regent Park.

After the game, they were asked if they had any more questions, the girls now had questions about the government and the changes Doug Ford is making to the education system and OSAP. The girls finished asking all their questions and then had the chance to listen to the questions students taking the program had and saw that there was a lot of similarities with the questions.

Aditi then explained what she had prepared for the coming weeks and how people will be put into groups. The girls seem very excited to be a part of this and put their ideas into work!

Amna Quaid Azam


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