Diva Girls' Blog Post - January 11th (Guest Artist + Photography)

This session the girls were introduced to Karma, an eco-artist. An eco-artist is someone that creates art with the purpose to preserve the ecosystem. Karma brought a poster that she had created using plastic bags.

She also brought 2 pieces created out of sawdust, one was of a person, while the other was aimed at words. The girls picked some pieces they would want to work on.

The girls then met a photographer named Dawit, who talked to them about the coming year and photography that he is going to implement into the program. The girls introduced themselves to him and talked about photography projects they want to work on in the future.

Dawit talked about the challenges he faced and people he met as a photographer/journalist.

He also mentioned how much passion is necessary if you want to succeed with something and do well.

The girls will be working with Karma and Dawit in the coming weeks, as well as some other guests to create media pieces that will be a part of a showcase/gallery in April.

Amna Quaid Azam   


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