Catch da Flava - Healthy Relationships

Jenna Borisevich
Healthy Relationships
Catch Da Flava had their third show of the new year on January 29th 2019! This time around, our hosts Shejuanah, Thalia, Kylie, Jenna and Jessica held a discussion around healthy relationships.
Our hosts first began by defining the different kinds of relationships that can exist in our lives, whether that be friendships, familial relationships, professional relationships or romantic relationships. They then went on to compare the qualities that make up a healthy relationship versus an unhealthy relationship.
Healthy qualities that were spoken about included trust, empathy, communication, compatibility, support, mutual happiness, reciprocation, mutual pre-established boundaries, as well as respect and consent. Some unhealthy qualities that were discussed included abuse, whether it be emotional or physical, manipulation and similar tactics like guilting and gaslighting, betrayal and cheating, lying and general untrustworthiness, jealousy, possessiveness and unhealthy habits that fall outside of established boundaries.
Finally, our hosts concluded the segment with a conversation around consent, defining implicit and explicit consent, and speaking to the importance of attaining consent in every situation, not just those involving physical intimacy, for every person, regardless of gender or identity.
Listen to the Podcast:


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