Little Divas girls' program - November 9th & 23rd

The Little Divas girls' program continued into November, taking a break for November 16th when the girls had a PA Day.

The next concept we began exploring with the girls was feminism! We obviously started with what feminism is and what types of things feminists believe and advocate for. Below is a sample of the basic ways the concept was introduced and explained for the girls.

After the girls had a basic grasp of the concept of feminism and what it means to call yourself a feminist, they were asked whether they would consider themselves feminists personally. Even though the girls generally agreed with the basics of what feminism is, they were still hesitant to accept and embrace the actual label of "feminist" for themselves. This led into an interesting discussion about why the girls felt that they would not immediately label themselves as feminist, even though they did agree with the views and ideas that comprise feminism as a concept. We also then discussed why other people may not like or identify with the term "feminist", and the misconceptions about feminism that usually lead people to dislike the term or the idea behind the label.

The girls were off for a week for the November 16th PA Day, and we returned on November 23rd. When we came back we reviewed the concept and meaning of feminism. The idea of choice was emphasized, and that feminism is about allowing girls and women the freedom to make their own choices, even if those choices aren't the same as other girls' choices, or the same as what society says girls should be. We also talked about how feminism doesn't tear down other girls for their choices, but always supports our fellow girls even when they are different from ourselves.

The girls had a fairly good grasp of feminism at that point, which we were going to use for a song they would all write and record together! So we started exploring the process of songwriting, and Twoey and Maymuna had written their own example rap song to demonstrate for the girls. After we heard Twoey and Maymuna's example, the girls then broke into groups of two or by themselves to write their individual parts of a hip-hop song about feminism and being a girl, that would eventually be recorded and compiled together to make their own original song called Girls Like Us.


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