Diva Girls' Blog Post - November 9th & 23rd (Rogers Trip Planning)

For these 2 sessions the girls worked on what they want to achieve after their trip to Rogers Communications on December 7th. They are hoping that it will help them get the knowledge and resources they need to create media related products in the future.

A list of topics the girls brainstormed for racism
The girls continued brainstorming ways to present information, this being through a television broadcast, a radio program, magazine articles, news reports, and podcasts.

Because they really liked the idea of a podcast we went off from that and listed a couple of topics. They came up with 11 topics and voted on four to work on.
These were:
                                  - Racism
                                  - Feminism
                                  - Gentrifications
                                  - Mental health

After they picked these 4 topics we went further in depth about what exactly we would want to talk about in each topic, we completed racism and gentrification last time, this time we talked about mental health and feminism.

As another example of some things many of the girls talked about in terms of gentrification, was the revitalisation project going on in the community and how it has caused many of the places they thought were special to be broken down and changed into chain stores and cafes.

            Amna Quaid Azam


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