Diva Girls' Blog Post - November 30th

This session the girls created pieces to show and present during the Rogers Communications trip that will be taking place on December 7th.

When the girls first arrived the got into groups. There were 3 groups in total and each would be working on something different. One group worked on a spoken word poem, another on a collage, and the last group worked on searching for songs that described confidence and talking about why it was special to them.

Some of the songs the group had picked was:
                                      - Hall of Fame by The Script
                                      - Idol by BTS
                                      - Survivor by Destiny's Child

The spoken word poem was one about finding confidence in wearing the Hijab and had to do with all the stereotypes that are imposed on females that wear the hijab.

The last group worked on a collage that showed confidence.

After that the girls brainstormed some questions to ask the workers at rogers. There were 10 questions in total that ranged from questions about choosing topics to questions about confidence and the future of the company.

When the girls were dismissed they left with promises to memorize their lines. Many of them seemed nervous to present but we found ways that could help them when nervous so as they left they did it with a bit of confidence.


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