Diva Girls' Blog Post - December 7th (Rogers Trip)

This session the girls attended a trip to The Rogers Community Centre where the used everything we had learned in the past weeks. The girls were seated in a meeting room where one of the presenters, Samantha started off with the Land Acknowledgement.

After that she offered a quick run through of what we were going to do that day and talked about the people that were in the room. This lead us into the ice breaker. The girls were asked to list 2 things they wanted people to talk to them about and walk around in the room looking for someone they have never spoken to before.

The girls listed things like: the future, their name, cooking, food, and more. There was a lot of diversity in the things both the girls and the women that work at rogers stated. After the ice breaker they went back to their seats and the women at Rogers started speaking.

A guest speaker, Tracy Moore from Cityline Tv, started first. her presentation was on confidence, resiliency, and how things are unexpected.

Tracy Moore of Cityline 
Tracy talked about her journey through journalism and how that ended with her doing what she is now. She talked about how even though people would tell her no, she would keep trying and in the end, she would succeed.

After Tracy had presented, the girls were told to go into pairs and take part in a round robin type interview.

 The interviews started with a brief introduction of the women working and then the girls had the chance to ask questions. Some of the people being interviewed were individuals that worked with all of the radios, worked with issues in the company, worked with broadcasting, etc.

After that, the girls were given a break and we then took a tour of the broadcasting and radio stations. Though Focus has their own broadcasting and radio stations the girls previously worked with, these really caught their attention. They liked the idea of seeing themselves on screen in a professional setting. This helps figure out what programs we create from here that can help put this experience into work.

The girls were taken to the studio of Tim and Sid on Sportsnet and were even taken to the behind the scenes studio where they witnessed what went on that made the recording possible, this being individuals making sure what Tim and Sid are saying can be heard and that teleprompters are going at the correct speed.

Studio of Tim and Sid

They were then taken into the Sportsnet room where our tour coordinator, Pilar Thomas, talked about what she looks in someone she wants to hire. She talked about how a resume and experience can only take someone so far and that what really matters is the personality and how they conduct themselves at the interview.

She talked about how she hired someone who had no experience but will do everything in her power to keep her working at the company because of how hard she works and the personality she has. This I think is one of the most important messages to get across and I'm glad the girls had someone working in a high position bring this forward.


During these tours the girls learned of careers they hadn't even thought of before, these were careers like finding suitable clothing for famous guests.  They were also very interested in the makeup aspect of all of it.

Kiss 92.5 radio station
After this, they were taken to the radio stations where they were able to enter the station of Kiss 92.5 and see Daryn Jones in action. He was very welcoming and even let the girls greet the listeners. The girls asked him questions about the people he interviewed and got really excited when he met people they were a fan of. A really good question was asked about how they get outreach and get famous people to be part of their radio broadcasts. 

The girls were then brought back into the meeting room and we had a closing talk and they were given gift bags from the members of Rogers and we were dismissed.

Amna Quaid Azam
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