Catch Da Flava Talks About Refugees and Immigrant

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Catch Da Flava had their final show of 2018 on December 18th. Our hosts for the show was Iman, Kylie, Shejuanah, Jessica and Meredith. They began defining the difference between immigrants and refugees and discussed why the difference is significant. The show consisted of some videos and articles where information was pulled from.

Our hosts also shared their personal stories about their families and friends who have had some difficulties immigrating to Canada, in order to create a better life for themselves and their future family, and also why immigrating to a bigger and more developed country essentially positively impacts families. They also spoke about the long process of immigrating to a new country and the rules and restrictions that apply to immigrants. Some of the main focus was on how immigrants and refugees increase our country's growth. Canada depends on immigrants to use our resources as we compete with other countries to get most people in Canada. We mainly depend on immigrant labor to ultimately fuel our economy. However, Canada's overall intake of asylum seekers is small compared to other countries.

All in all, Canada is more of a safer country to immigrate to because of our limited rules, but it is still a difficult process for many. Evidently, we are a welcoming country and we should put more focus on inviting new immigrants and refugees into our country.

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