Powerful By Nature - Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding

Hosts: Paola

Guests: Christina Cantin, St. Mary’s Breastfeeding Program at Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Topic: Breastfeeding & Chestfeeding

This week, Paola hosted an episode on Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding! There’s a lot of stigma around breastfeeding and chestfeeding in public. Both breastfeeding and chestfeeding refer to the same act but we use chestfeeding to be inclusive of the trans men, nonbinary and other trans people who use the term to describe how they feed their children. Paola began by talking about the right in the Ontario Human Rights Code to breastfeed or chestfeed anywhere at any time. Our first guest was Christina Cantin who spoke about the many benefits of breastfeeding, her program to promote breastfeeding and fighting feeding stigma. Paola was joined by Sinead for the second half of the show and Sinead interviewed Paola about her personal decision to breastfeed, what it’s like to be a breastfeeding mother, her experiences breastfeeding in public and why it doesn’t make you a bad parent if you can’t or choose to stop breast or chestfeeding your child.


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Listen to Podcast: 2018-11-1


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