Diva Girls' Blog Post – November 2nd (Healthy Lifestyles)

Guest speakers from Toronto Public Health spoke to the girls about Healthy lifestyles. 

When the girls arrived, they played a guessing game where they would match pictures to numbers listed on the board, these numbers had to do with the hours the girls should be spending doing certain activities. Many of the girls knew the right answers and even inputted ways to help lessen or increase hours of participating in certain activities, for example reducing time on phones by taking a break every few minutes. 

The girls talked about the dangers that lights, especially blue ones from phones have on your eyes and how they confuse your brain, they even offered things that could help like a blue light filter on smartphones. They then worked on creating posters that listed ways that can help someone attain the same information they did. 

After, they talked about healthy eating, choosing healthier options, and incorporating them into your food in ways that will taste good. Many of the girls added in their own options and recommendations of how to make food taste better by adding things like fruits and how having variations can help the body.  

Finally, they talked about exercise and how it can be incorporated into anything. Many of the girls stated that they don’t exercise enough and were given ways they could add it in, some examples would be to run on the spot if they had some free time and to even add these into the beginning of each session on Fridays, they really like the idea of having a couple minutes every day to dance and stated they would start slow and ease into exercising for longer amounts of time.    
The session was then concluded and the girls were able to ask any questions and then were dismissed. 

Amna Quaid Azam


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