Catch Da Flava on Youth Advocacy - Special Guests!

Catch Da Flava's show on November 20th was about youth advocacy and activism. The hosts for the night were Iman, Kylie and Jessica. They had the honor of interviewing the talented singer/songwriter Errol Lee and his amazing son Shay Lee. They didn't only answer some of the questions asked by our hosts, we also had the honor to hear a little snippet of them singing together. They also elaborated on some of their life experiences. For instance, how they got into the music industry together, their musical background etc. Errol Lee creates music for youth to teach them how important it is for everyone to care and love each other with his top songs "I'm Somebody" and "We Care".

Our hosts had several curious questions for their guests and they had the opportunity to learn about their views on youth advocacy and why self-worth is important for everyone. Errol Lee's mission is to "combine singing, dancing and a meaningful message into a educational experience that is designed to teach, nurture and model positive character traits through the arts." He performs his "caring concerts" for elementary and secondary school students and occasionally community concerts.

His son Shay has always looked up to his father and is now following his footsteps into the music industry. Shay is an instrumentalist singer/songwriter that has been beside his dad throughout his caring concerts. He has his own goals and aspirations that are yet to be achieved.

You can find Errol Lee's music on Spotify and Apple music and his concerts on YouTube.

For more information you can checkout Errol and Shay's social media and websites below:

Errol Lee- Instagram: @errol_lee_caring_concerts

Twitter: @ErrolLeemusic


Shay Lee -Instagram: @shaysmg9


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