Catch Da Flava – Labour Law Changes made by Premier Ford

Radio Regent’s Catch Da Flava youth talked about the several law changes that Premier Ford implemented They started off with talking about Bill 148 and what it entails, such as it guaranteed part-time workers will be paid the same rate a full-time workers doing the same job, orders employers to pay workers for three hours if their shift is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice and gives workers three weeks of vacation after five years of employment, as well as 10 personal days a year—two of which must be paid.

Mainly, it is the bill that introduced the minimum wage increase to $14/hour in 2018, followed by an increase to $15/hour that was scheduled to happen on January 1st , 2019. Bill 47 is the new bill that is currently going to change one’s rights on the job if passed.

The youth talked about their experience of having several part time jobs and how the sick days, minimum wage and safety regulations changes will affect them greatly is bill is passed. For instance, they will not get the 2 paid sick days anymore and the dollar increase for minimum wage.

They spoke about some great organizations that are against the new changes that might occur. For example, the $15 and Fairness organization that fights for labour rights and $15 minimum wage. Furthermore, they discussed how these labour law changes will affect several people and why these changes are significant to their jobs.

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