Powerful by Nature - Young Parents Talk: Back to School

Date: September 10th, 2018
Hosts: Moya & Victoria

Guests: Nancy and Angelina, Toronto Public Health, & Lynn, TDSB teacher

Topic: Young Parents Talk: Back to School

This week, Moya & Victoria hosted a special back to school PowerfulxNature episode! Our hosts wanted to tackle all the pressing questions parents have when they send their child(ren) back to school. They began by talking about how important it is to have open communication with both your child and teacher about their experiences at school, to address any problems that may come up and to make sure your child gets the most out of their education. We know not every child is treated equally and that significant barriers and discrimination mean racialized children, LGBTQ+ children and disabled children need someone to advocate for them, highlighting the importance of pushing for feminist, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and anti-racist teachers and curriculum. During the first interview, Public Health Nurses Nancy and Angelique shared information about the positive impacts of a full night’s sleep, a healthy diet and exercise on a child’s educational performance and mental health and talked about bullying, and how to prevent it, from a health perspective.

Our hosts finished off the show interviewing Lynn, a TDSB teacher at Jessie’s Centre, a multi-service drop in centre for pregnant teenagers and young families. Lynn talked about how she makes her classroom safe and justice-focused for her students and shared some tips with parents about how they should and can get involved in their child’s learning.

To learn more about Jessie’s Centre and/or the Community Education Program, please visit: www.jessiescentre.org.
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