Catch da Flava Radio - Youth Health Action Network (YHAN)

This week on Catch Da Flava on Radio Regent host Nate and Diamond were joined by special guests; staff and volunteers from the Youth Health Action Network (YHAN). Which is a Toronto Tobacco Control Area Network youth engagement initiative that brings together young people ages 16 – 24 from across Toronto for the common goal of exploring and taking action on current and emerging health and tobacco prevention issues. From raising awareness to advocating for healthy public policy, the Youth Health Action Network encourage youth across Toronto to take action on current health and tobacco prevention issues.

For this sessions interview we talked about the history of YHAN as well as the many initiatives that they have done over the years; which have resulted in influencing local laws and policies in board of health meetings. This including the banning of hookah smoking in patios across Toronto.

Additionally we addressed the rise in hookah smoking and the glorification of smoking in general in mass media, this being inclusive of cigarettes, marijuana,hookah smoking and vaping. Furthermore we discussed how it affects not only youth but influences the younger generation as they not only idolized what is seen in media but believe that it is the new norm.

To access resources provided by YHAN or for more information about their initiatives visit .

We thank the staff and volunteers of the Youth Health Action Network for coming in studio and talking about their inspiring initiative and raising awareness of hookah smoking.

- Diamond Bailey

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