Politalks - Megann Willson

Host Gisela Torres interviewed Megann Willson, a community member running for City Councillor for Ward 23 in this coming election. They discussed the new borders for Ward 23, which now qualifies the ward as being located between Shuter St to Rosedale Valley Rd, and River St to Jarvis St. Willson talked about her transition from being a business owner and consultant to working in politics. She discussed how having a business perspective gives her an edge in politics as she is determined to listen to voters’ needs and wants, and will spark that into action. Some of Willson’s platforms are to create more affordable housing and accessible transit not only in the community but all over Toronto. Make sure to vote October 22nd and have your voice heard! For more on Megann Willson, please visit: https://www.willsonforward23.ca/


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