Politalks - George Smitherman

In this segment for Politalks, Kaleb Marr interviewed George Smitherman, the former Ontario cabinet minister who is running in the new municipal election. Smitherman is in hopes to get elected in Ward 23 to be a city council candidate. Ward 23 consists of Regent Park, Cabbagetown and St. Jamestown area. During the interview Smitherman talked about what it's like to be one of the first openly gay politician. He later talks about his campaign and what he would like to implement in Regent Park, such as seeing the redevelopment finished in the way it was promised and to help alleviate poverty through local solutions. He also wants to help improve the community health and safety.

Voting polls open on October 22 so don’t forget to vote!

For more information on George Smitherman, please visit: http://georgesmitherman.com/


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