Catch Da Flava Youth Radio - Mental Illness

For Catch Da Flava radio show, Sean and I talked about mental illness and some of the research related to the cause of mental illness. We talked about how sleep can affect children who are diagnose with mental illness at a young age. I myself can relate since I was diagnosis with bipolar and depression at the age of twelve and lack of sleep definitely affected my episodes. Without proper sleep it felt like I was never going to recover and because I was also tired never knew when I was normal. I wasn’t the only one with an illness. Sean also struggling with a mental illness. In his case it was anxieties that he was suffering from. It’s not always easy to recover from an illness that will never go away or will always be a part of who you are. Today I still battle bipolar and depression. Luckily I have the help and support from positive people that are in my life, which is why I won’t quit the battle. Having a mental illness isn’t easy to cope with. I have learn to be positive by surrounding myself with positive people who are a joy to my heart. If you ever feel depressed or anxiety, surround yourself with people who loves you and who are positive. Always remember you’re NEVER alone and that there is someone out there who will always be willing to lend you their ear to listen,
a heart to care and the patience to help you recover.

By: Beverly Fajardo


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