Catch da Flava Radio - How Divorce Affects Children

Children of parents going through a divorce can experience a lot of stress and anxiety. One of our radio hosts, Sean talked about his personal experience as a child of divorcing parents and how difficult it was for him. Usually kids don’t understand what their parents are going through and the impact of parents separating and divorcing can really affect their daily life. We talked about how it affected Sean’s life. Luckily kids are resilient. Despite his parents divorcing, Sean feels positive about his life. Although it may be hard, Sean encourages kids to try to be positive about the situation even though it may be hard for a young person to cope when their parents are going through a divorce. Divorce children may feel a sense of rejection or anger which can lead them to doing the wrong things in life. Sean believes that how children react to divorce depends a lot on how the family handles the situation. In Sean’s mind it’s a fifty fifty situation. “It can end up bad or end up good”, say’s Sean. We talked about how a little girl who was sick, and how her parents divorced affected her. When it comes to explaining it younger kids, we need to be sensitive to their feelings and take their concerns, fears and anxieties into account. Overall no matter if our parents stick together or go their own separate ways, we should always remember how much they love us and that they are doing not only what is best for them but for the children involved as well.

By: Beverly Fajardo


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