Summer Blog - July 30th, 2018

Every morning this summer, I have had the pleasure of teaching and giving young people the opportunity to create their own interactive stories. Interactive stories can be thought of in three ways: the viewer can choose the path of the story, the viewer can manipulate the story, and the viewer is immersed in the story. 

For the first focus, I assigned projects where the youth were able to use Eko Studio to build a story from scratch in pairs. The next project was to create an interactive web-series pilot. The stories turned out great, and I am thrilled with what everyone was able to accomplish in two weeks.

Today I taught an introduction to computer science, as our theme is stories that can be manipulated by an audience. We are going to be building our own mini-apps using the MIT App Inventor. We're off to a great start this month! 

More to come!



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