Regent Park Focus Blog Post July 16 - 20

Regent Park Focus Blog Post July 16 - 20

This week was a busy week. The students have finished filing their interactive story pilots now it’s onto the editing. They also acted in their own videos which allowed them to try out new stuff and get a little creative and step out of their comfort zone to really make the videos impact more. This week was also full of filming. From filming Politalks interviews to interviewing for the RPTV news segments. Now that all the footage is in, it’s time for editing for the next week or so. We have captured lots of this great community and really see how everyone bonds together.

Our RPTV news team also got to experience the Taste of Regent event where there is live music and food from many different community members. It happens every Wednesday across the street from Daniels Spectrum.

For radio, there were a couple segments about issues and topics that pertain to everyone. We not only had some political talks but also addressed issues with parental divorce and how it affects the children in the family. On Friday, The Heavy Weights Jazz Band came in and played some fun music with some very big instruments.

All the projects are coming together now it’s in the editing and final touches stages. We will also be starting to research for next week's episodes of each of our programs. More filming and more fun!


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