Catch da Flava Radio - Gaming Disorder

Health Talks on Catch da Flava
Levi, Valentina, Divine, Matthew
July 30th

Last week our group hosted a radio show for Health Talks on Catch da Flava Radio. We discussed our experiences with video games and the reasons behind the newly classified mental condition issued by the World Health Organization. Based on the panel, our guests concluded in disagreement to the idea of the mental disorder classification. Overall we thought that the amount of gaming time could and should be restricted and controlled by the game developers to prevent negative connotations towards gaming.

We did a great job of keeping the conversation going with very little pauses in dialogue. The discussion topics and examples were engaging and kept the show interesting throughout. One thing we could have done differently is bring in some factual information to back up our opinions within the debate. For example, we could have listed percentages of players on the games we discussed and even people that have been negatively impacted by video games so we could have both sides of the argument involved. Another great addition we could have made is guest speakers from outside of the program. But, overall I think the show was a success and a great example for future shows to follow.

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