Catch da Flava Radio - Politalks

Catch da Flava Radio- Politalks

Kaleb and Kaylin

For Catch da Flava Radio show we discussed our interview with Rachel Lauren Clark a video segment we did on Politalks and later delved into the upcoming municipal elections. Based on the interview we pulled up important clips and gave our own point of view on the issues she spoke on, such as not enough transgender people are being represented in politics. We later shifted into the October 22, municipal Elections. We talked about John Tory who is running to be re-elected as mayor. We discussed Tory’s campaign and the things he has accomplished right now as mayor. The October elections will also consist of voting in Toronto City Councillors that represents the ward of your district. They have now opened two new wards one of them is ward 23, which is for the area of Regent Park, Cabbagetown and St. Jamestown. For more information on all the candidates running for the October elections, please visit:

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