Catch da Flava - "Flubber" and Sports Equipment to Enhance Performance

For our July 5th episode of Health Talks Youth Radio, we introduced our show with a discussion on the movie “Flubber” and how sports equipment enhances sport performance. Flubber is a movie about mad scientist Professor Philip Brainard and his insatiable need to create more and more scientific innovations. He’s engaged to Sara Reynolds, a part of the college faculty and they are trying to get married for the third time since the last two times he forgot because he was busy creating more inventions. He misses his third and final chance when he gets caught up creating “flubber” a polymer substance with free will and the capacity to multiple the energy that is given to it. So if you bounce it on the floor, it goes up and down repeatedly and rapidly given only one little toss. In between, he has to win back the heart of Sara, fight off his mortal enemy, and defend his creations against an evil parent and his bratty son.

Some of the questions we asked the youth panel when it comes to this movie and the topic of sports equipment were:

Professor Brainard uses flubber to cheat at a basketball game, but he is argued to have principles because he failed the student with the evil parent, how do we reconcile these contradictory character traits?

Flubber is used on multiple sports balls and the bottom of sneakers and on the hands. What other potential abilities do you think Flubber has to enhance sports performance? Would you consider the use of it to be “cheating”? Or is it as justified as just using higher performance equipment?

Do you think sports equipment makes all the difference to winning a game? To what extent?

Does it matter if you use Reeboks over Adidas? Nike over Fila? Under Armour over Saucony? What’s your go-to sports brands?

What kind of equipment do you think you need as essentials before a work-out, before a game so you feel ready to climb that mountain?

Good equipment also prevents injury, there’s no doubt. I mean with Flubber, overuse can be really dangerous. So what are some must-haves when you’re getting fit when it comes to physical safety?

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