Catch da Flava Radio - Provincial Elections 2018

For this edition of Health Talks Youth Radio, host Diamond introduces the topic of the upcoming elections for our show, now that the provincial elections for Ontario will come up June 7th. In discussing the role of youth, Diamond mentions that youth barely make it out to the polls and not often part of the voting demographic despite being legally able to vote. As a consequence, their voice is not often heard, yet their potential impact could be great. Diamond mentions that In the 2015 federal election, voter turnout among youth 18 to 24 went up by an impressive 18 per cent, but overall voter participation among youth remained nine per cent below the average for all other voters. That speaks volumes to how much we need to have our voice heard and exercise doing so.

Some of the questions we asked our panelists were:

1. What are your thoughts on youth not voting when it come to elections in general? Do you vote?

2. It’s easy for young people to be cynical about politics. On top of the inability to see beyond the next election cycle, young people often don’t see themselves reflected among those who get elected, or see the issues most relevant to them put front and centre. What is it about politics that might scare or stop youth from voting?

3. In contrast to what we just talked about, what makes this provincial election and youths vote so significant? What main issues are being addressed?

4. If our vote is so significant do you think millennials are Canada's most important vote for this election or in general?

5. Do you believe that there will be a high turnout of youth voters this provincial election? Why or why not? In studio were Beverly, Kylie, and Travis to talk about the elections and their take on it. It was an informative conversation and hopefully encouraged the listening youth audience to go there and vote on June 7th. We’d like to thank our youth participants for being on air to chat about the important topic.

Listen to Podcast:

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